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Build that engine 

A program focusing purely on improving your fitness capacity for competitions.

Daily workouts and cardio capacity training. Silverback training covers a core principle of increasing your cardio capacity through different forms of metabolic conditioning.  


Fitness and Fatloss

The Silverback is known for how he turned his life around through fitness. Working with 100s of people over the past 10 years, this program is built to make you healthier and happier through increased fitness and weight loss.

With a number of accessible workouts for at home and in the gym, this program is not for a competitor, but for everyday people looking to make a change or kickstart their fitness journey. 

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Aimed at improving your gymnastics technique and capacity. Wether you're aiming for your first muscle up or a new 30 for time PR, this program is for you​.

Zack's go-to cornerstone of CrossFit, gymnastics will feature throughout the program with advanced and scaled options. Look no further than the members of Zack's home gym, Crossfit BFG, to find people who have developed incredible gymnastics skill and strength thanks to his programming 



What does competition mean to you? Silverback training covers those athletes who compete year round to those getting ready for their first ever competition.


With athletes already under Zack's programming qualifying for The CrossFit Games, this program is a proven path to achieving your goals no matter which comp you're aiming for.