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Cardio and Gymnastics

Weighing over 100kg and running a 5 minute mile, Zack is known for his cardio capacity both on short sprints to his  infamous "recovery workouts". This program is designed to improve your cardio capacity, or to put it simply, getting fitter. With programming using cardio machines, bodyweight movements and traditional cardio, this is the one for getting a bigger tank. Contained in the program is elements to increase your gymnastics capacity and strength in these movements 

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Fitness and Fat Loss

You don't have to be competing to want to feel fitter and leaner.

This program is for the everyday athlete looking to put more focus on their fitness, health and overall wellbeing.


The Silverback fitness and fat loss program is built from working with 1000s of people over the past 10 years to achieve a better body and happier mind through health and fitness.